Barbara`s Tips

Tip 0 Playing Pairs More Successfully
Tip 1 Making More Use of Dummy`s Trumps
Tip 2 Be Careful with your Entries
Tip 3 Opening Bid Balanced Hands
Tip 4 Think Before You Play to Trick 1
Tip 5 Beware and Be Aware of Reversing
Tip 6 Negative Doubles
Tip 7 Leading Partner`s Bid Suit
Tip 8 Finessing `Properly`
Tip 9 When to Cover an Honour with an Honour
Tip 10.1 Think about 3NT as a Contract
Tip 11 Defer Decisions till You Know More (COUNT)
Tip 12 Keeping a Defender Off Lead (Safe v Danger)
Tip 13 Responding to Partner`s Takeout Double
Tip 14 Doubles with Big Hands
Tip 15 Bidding after an Opponent Overcalls
Tip 18.1 Bidding after Partner`s Pre-empt
Tip 18.2 Think about 3NT after a Pre-empt
Tip 19 What to do after an Opponent`s Pre-empt
Tip 20 When Responders New Suit at 2-level is not 10+ HCP
Tip 21 How Stayman HCP Ranges Vary
TIp 22 What is False Preference
Tip 23 What is a Redouble and Subsequent Bidding
Tip 24 What is a Game Try
Tip 25 When a 2-level Response shows 5+ Cards
Tip 26 Opening 1NT with a Small Doubleton
Tip 27 Defensive Signalling - Attitude
Tip 28 Defensive Signalling - Count (how many you have)
Tip 29 What to Lead in Partners Bid Suit
Tip 30 What Card to Return in Partners Opening Lead